To built the airport was one of the links in the network which creates new quality. Its object and function only superficially act as an independent unit but however it is to be justified as a part in different structures economic units.

The idea to build Brac airport occurred in December 1990, and the company itself was established and registered on 22 May 1992. This makes it the youngest amoung all Croatian airports.

In that time one of the questions was: for whom airport will be built and what should be its function?

Primarily the airport was built for the needs of turist economy as well as for the needs of the economy in general, to supply the island and tourists, for sports and recreational purposes as well as for health and environment preserving purpose.

The airport’s function is people and goods transport on high quality demands for different markets such as nautical tourism, tourist-rich area, as well as for perishable good trasport and contingency cases needs.

Since 2007 Brac airport offers its services in the new terminal building facilities.

Airport is equipped for day and night handling of a commercial aircraft up to 100 seats. It is open all year long. Charter flights operate only during the summer season.

Public transportation is not organised, but the taxi service is available during airport opening hours.