Passenger must registrate for a flight at check-in desk in time demanded by airline to in order to fulfill all formalities on time. Please, check if you have all the documents required for your trip (passenger ticket, ID card or passport, other documents required for entering or exiting countries you plan to visit…). After registration for the flight, check if you received all baggage tags. It is recomended for all necessary things to be carried as hand luggage.

Passenger is obliged to check the regulation of the destination country or the countries through which travel to the final destination and assure valid travel and other documents (passport, visa, other permissions…).
Ministry of Foreigh Affairs – www.mvp.hr
Customs – Customs regulations in Croatia www.carina.hr

While passenger and hand luggage security check is performing, passenger must:
• declare all the liquids,
• separate laptops and other electronic equipment (mp3, mobile phones and other),
• take off the coat or jacket which will be checked as the separate parts of hand luggage.

In the case of any further question, contact your airline or travel agency.

Your pets can fly with you if it is permitted by the state in which they are transported. Depending on their weight, pets can be carried in the cabin or cargo compartment, the proper containter and under certain conditions. Your airline will provide you with all the information about the documents you need for your pet.

While registration for the flight, all necessary assistance will be organised until boarding the aircraft.

Ground hostess will accompany the minor until boarding the aircraft. Parent or other person who came with minor at airport must not leave until the aircraft took-off.

Welcome to our Duty Free Shop! Until Croatia is not a member of the EU, all passengers in international departures may use a duty free shop and buy products that are exempt from customs duties and taxes.

Offer: drinks, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, perfumes, sweets, watches, sunglasses, Dalmatian souvenirs, toys …

TAX FREE – In our store you can buy domestic products without value added tax (VAT).

Payments: cash or credit cards (Visa, American Express, Diners, MasterCard …)

The pleasant ambience of caffe offers refreshing beverages and warm drinks. Cafe “Catalina” is open during the airport’s opening hours.

The parking area at Brac airport has a capacity of 30 parking places for cars. It is located close to the terminal building. Parking is free of charge. For possible vehicle or object damage, Aerodrom Brač Ltd. is not responsible.

Airport’s ground taxi service is available during airport’s opening hours.